Advances in Digital Signage That You May Have Missed

Advances in Digital Signage That You May Have Missed
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With technological innovations and ever-changing marketing trends, the world of digital signage is always evolving. Businesses and organizations that take advantage of new advances will reap the benefits of cutting edge technology and programming through clearer signage, more effective content, and lasting marketing solutions.

Are you making the most of your business’s digital displays? Check out these advances in digital signage that you may have missed in recent years.

Integrated Software for Consistent Content Creation

If you manage LED digital signage in multiple locations, you need to find ways to make your content useful, consistent, and hassle-free at each signage location. Fortunately, managing multiple displays doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even if you’re working with a wide variety of locations. Choosing a content management system (CMS) with integrated software and content creation methods makes it easy to develop and display clear, effective, and consistent media across all of your displays.

When choosing or upgrading your CMS, look for digital tools such as template-based content and built-in content creation applications to empower more consistent content creation across the board.

Remote, Cloud-Based Control

As cloud technology becomes more secure and more accessible, more businesses are taking advantage of it in their LED digital signage software. Cloud-based platforms grant flexibility and adaptability across all of your digital signage locations. You can access, manage, and create content remotely. Moreover, cloud-based control makes it easy to delegate or outsource content management.

All of this occurs through secure communications within a protected network. Advances in cloud technology offer more secure platforms so that you can easily manage your content without worrying about cyber-attacks, data loss, and other digital threats.

Automatic Message Changes

The more personal and relevant your content is, the more likely you are to generate conversions. To keep your display truly relevant, you need content that can change instantly and automatically throughout the day.

Content programming is an essential part of an advanced CMS. The ability to schedule and create content to update as necessary allows you to better interact with audiences through various promotions, times of day, and other unique marketing opportunities.

Cross-Platform Interaction and Integration

Interactive technologies—which were on the rise even before they became mandatory during the pandemic—have paved the way for completely remote or contactless business-consumer relations. One recent innovation in digital signage takes advantage of this by connecting displays with other digital tools such as in-app shopping and ordering, links from QR codes, or interactive maps or information displays.

Additionally, businesses can integrate with other software solutions using APIs. This creates a smoother mobile or online experience for customers everywhere, a trait that is quickly becoming necessary for modern businesses. As with cloud technology, integration opportunities come with the confidence of modern security measures. Communications, storage, and other operations remain safe and protected through secure logins, data backups, and best practices set forth by SOC II qualifications and other industry regulations.

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