Opt Win is a uniquely bright display designed for in-window or bright indoor environments. Easily connect it to a network, digital signage systems, and other media devices. The Opt Win is designed and engineered to attract from the inside, out.

It begins with the LED.

Sophisticated technology creates incredible visual performance.
Optec selects only top quality diodes in terms of lumen, color, and efficiency. As the essential starting point in the design and engineering of all our displays, the LED bins we select and deliver are from the finest diode manufacturers in the world.

Opt-Win’s LED tiles are calibrated and tested with specialized tools, by our highly-qualified engineers, to maximize visual performance, brightness, and efficiency. The Opt-Win features a unique black tinted LED surface, together with the LED tile’s black mask, they create bright, eye-catching, high-contrast visuals. Our LEDs are engineered to last an average of ±100,000 hours (±10 years).

Optec's indoor LED signs are engineered to last an average of ±100,000 hours (±10 years).