Full Color Outdoor
LED Signs

Brilliant digital sign options.

Optec offers a range of outdoor LED sign options designed to meet the needs of every application.

Outdoor full-color LED displays give you the power to convey your messages with vibrant, eye-catching images.


Optec’s full-color LED digital signage puts trillions of brilliant colors with text, graphics, and animation right at your fingertips. Optec selects only top quality diodes in terms of lumen, color, and efficiency. As the essential starting point in the design and engineering of all our displays, the LED bins we select and deliver are from the finest diode manufacturers in the world.

Optec’s outdoor digital signage is available in a wide range of pixel pitch options. These visually stunning, ultra-high bright outdoor LED signs are built to last for years to come.

10MM 696X1272 Matrix Full Color LED Sign

Infinity Series DIP Displays

Optec’s Infinity-RGB is an ultra-high-bright, vibrant outdoor LED display with all-weather performance. Its innovation, design, and advanced features all work to create lasting value. 

Intelligent-M2 DIP Displays

Offering a spectacular viewing experience, advanced engineering, and our most versatile modular design — the Intelligent M2 provides brilliant visual performance.

Infinity HB-SMD Displays

Optec’s HB SMD LEDs are engineered to last an average of ±100,000 hours (±10 years). Sophisticated technology creates incredible visual performance for your outdoor LED sign. 

Envision SMD Displays

Refined pixel technology creates impressive visual performance.Optec’s Envision SMD LEDs are engineered to last an average of ±100,000 hours.