Indoor LED Signs

Modular design. Seamless beauty.

Optec offers a range of indoor LED sign options designed to meet the needs of every application. 

Indoor LED display signs give you the power to bring your AV dreams to life.  

Optec’s AV experts work with you to create dynamic visual images and video in corporate spaces,  conference rooms, trade shows, concerts, and any indoor or outdoor venue where brilliant visual communication is your goal.

Optec’s indoor LED displays are available in a wide range of pixel pitch options. These visually stunning, ultra-high-bright indoor LED digital signage solutions are built to last for years to come. 

Opt-panel 3024X153 Matrix Indoor LED Video Wall



Bigger. Better. Bezel-free.
Opt-Slim LED displays outperform projectors and LCD TVs.



Opt-Panel is an ultra HD LED display module supporting 1080p, and 4K+ resolution. 


Ultra-thin, portable, all-in-one indoor LED display.  Featuring an eye-catching 1.9 or 2.5mm display.



Opt-TV’s high resolution modules create hyper-real visuals with full HD, 4K, and Ultra HD Resolutions.