Intelligent M2 LED Signs

Full Color Digital Signs

Intelligent-M2 is a visually stunning, ultra-high bright, smart module with all-weather performance.-

Pixel Perfect LED Signs!

Sophisticated pixel technology creates brilliant visual performance for outdoor LED signs.

The Intelligent M2 LED sign is Optec's flagship outdoor LED sign product. Offering a spectacular viewing experience, advanced engineering, and our most versatile modular design -- the Intelligent M2 provides brilliant visual performance.

Intelligent-M2 LED tiles are calibrated and tested with specialized tools, by our highly-qualified engineers, to maximize visual performance, brightness, and efficiency.

  • + 10,000 NITS ultra-high brightness: 20 times brighter than an LCD TV. Brilliant and clear in full daylight and dimmable at night.
  • 1.1 Quintillion color palette. An ultra-wide color palette with state-of-the-art calibration ensures the highest-quality color representation.
  • + 3840 Hz refresh rate:.60 FPS smooth, full motion, camera-ready, video playback.
  • 20-bit grayscale: At low brightness the display is capable of presenting a rich, clear picture without visual distortion.

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