Digital Billboard Signs

Optec LED billboard displays are ideal for advertising companies looking to generate greater ad impact and revenue.

Effective, versatile, and reliable… digital billboard signs deliver compelling messages that simply cannot be missed. Increase visibility, impressions, and drive noticeable results with spectacular LED advertising billboard displays.

Digital Signs Boost Out of Home Advertising Results

Out of home advertising with LED digital billboard signs promotes expanded consumer reach and impact. LED digital billboards provide opportunities to deliver compelling messages that simply cannot be overlooked. Businesses can increase publicity, impressions, and drive noticeable results with spectacular LED displays.

Optec’s vibrant and reliable outdoor LED billboards are ideal for billboard advertising companies looking for consistent ad revenue and exposure. With Optec’s Reader Board capability to easily update content, it will provide a unique marketing freedom to stay aligned with current advertising campaigns.

Billboard marketing subconsciously increases brand recognition through constant visibility on common roadways during consumers' day-to-day commute. The versatility and reliability of OOH (Out-of-home) advertising creates opportunities to attract more customers, while elevating brand awareness.

  • 50% of people say they've been highly engaged by a digital billboard sign in the last month.
  • 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving.
  • Billboards make up 66% of the OOH advertising market

Whether advertising on major motorways or high-density pedestrian streets—digital billboard LED displays are the most cost-effective method to generate ad revenue available today.

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