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In order to find out the potential impact an Optec LED display could have on your business, simply fill in your details below. We’ll help you determine if investing in a LED display is the right choice for you.

Step 1 – Projected Revenue Increase

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Understanding all aspects of the traffic in your area allows you not only to better understand your place in the market, but also to better identify potential new advertising opportunities. 

Request a traffic analysis for your location. We’ll send you a report that shows you how many vehicles are passing your location every day. Put those numbers together with your ROI for a better understanding of how many people you’ll reach with your LED advertising. 

Benefits and Risk

The expense of new digital signs represents a sizable financial commitment. Make your investment with confidence by determining your Return on Investment (ROI) for your LED signs.

According to the Small Business Administration, EMC advertising can boost sales by 15% to 150%, resulting in an immediate return on investment.

Use the calculator on the left to estimate the ROI for your new LED signs.

Your electronic signs can pay for themselves for years to come.

10MMHB 240X352 Matrix Full Color Digital Signs

You have the option to lease your display, making affordable monthly payments while you put your new sign to use. Compare the amount of your prospective lease payment to the increase in sales your LED signs are expected to generate.