LED Franchise Billboards

Branding Consistency. Total Control. Profit.

Strengthen branding by targeting current and potential customers with dynamic LED sign advertising. 

Digital Signs can energize National Brand advertising.

For over 36 years Optec has helped National Brands and Franchise owners deliver successful franchise digital advertising solutions.

Optec is a preferred vendor for many of the largest franchise systems in the QSR and hospitality industries, including Sonic Restaurants, Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr., Burger King , Dairy Queen, Value Place Hotels and more. Optec supports operations with their exclusive D-Net® display/content management system and a national service team of over 600 certified technical support providers who deliver local service, installation and after-sale support to customers across all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Large rollouts are managed by Optec’s national project management team.

Traditional static signs advertise only one message a day. There are over 12,000 opportunities to display a 7 second message each day with outdoor digital signs. Digital signage displays offer consumer-facing, content distribution easily managed across multiple locations. Deliver advertising to inform or remind consumers about a company, product or brand in a local market.
  • Target specific audiences by time-of-day or day-of-week with LED franchise signs.
  • Introduce new products in selected markets only.
  • Reach narrowly defined market segments by appearing more regional or local with customized messaging for specific demographics.

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