Digital Shopping Mall Signage

Calling attention to your center 24/7.

Become a landmark in your community and help tenants grow their profits.

Widen the array of advertising possibilities with Optec LED displays

LED sign advertising helps multi-unit shopping and business centers sustain occupancy at the maximum capacity. Our Optec digital shopping mall signage has the unique capability of zoning (partitioning your sign into separate message display areas)—so you can display multiple tenant logos and messages simultaneously. Showcasing multiple businesses will create awareness of stores, restaurants, or entertainment tenants and promote revenue for the center. Whereas, Indoor LED mall digital signage can indicate the location of the management or security office, ensuring visitor satisfaction and comfort.
  • Eliminate illuminated panels and update tenant information quickly and easily.
  • Our digital signage for malls helps promote a variant of different stores and influences more visitors to boost sales and branding.
  • Make your sign a landmark in your community with time and temp displays.
Our signage for shopping malls offers vivid color and exceptional image quality attract attention to business centers and commercial properties with many different tenants in a single physical location.

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