Digital Marquee Signs for Schools

Digital signs for schools put real-time
communication at your fingertips.

The most cost-effective way to communicate with students, parents and the community.

Fast and reliable communication capabilities are essential to any school community!

Optec’s easily changeable messaging abilities allow for 24/7 communication with your school and local community. Utilizing indoor and outdoor LED signs for schools will keep your school looking innovative, while continuing to attract new attendees!

With schools being consistently involved in numerous sports and social activities, outdoor digital signs for schools can correlate access to any dates, deadlines, news, or announcements. Your school sign has the potential to become a recognizable landmark by providing information to the community like the time, temperature, or real-time weather.

Whereas, an indoor LED sign for schools can be highly beneficial with facilitating conference room presentations or meetings, assisting lectures, portraying internal announcements for colleagues, or delivering bright, cutting-edge signage in the gym.

73% of educational institutions see digital signage as crucial for the future of communication.
  • Our LED marquee signs for schools help promote social media feeds, keeping students up to date with the latest classes or announcements.
  • Assist lectures, allowing students to view the lesson from a further distance or incorporate images/videos into teachings.
  • Boost school morale by showcasing Teacher of the Month/Year or recognize students’ participation and achievements for regional competitions, science fair participation and placement.
  • Increase participation at events and school functions by promoting them early and often with our digital marquee signs for schools.
  • Promptly modify messaging to display important news and information to notify the community.

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