The Opt-Panel is an ultra HD LED display module supporting 1080p, and 4K+ resolution.
State-of-the-art LED technology with sophisticated calibration, together with seamless,
precision engineered cabinets, create our most unforgettable LED displays ever.

An LED Sign so HD it looks 3D.

The Opt-Panel’s high resolution modules create hyper-real visuals.

Ultra-high Resolution Indoor Digital LED Sign
Full HD, 4K, and Ultra HD Resolutions

The Opt-Panel features a 16:9 cabinet design making it easy to build high-definition LED displays. To achieve Full HD (1920×1080) with a 1.27mm pixel pitch Opt-Panel module, the LED display would be 8 feet wide by 4.5 feet high and would need to be viewed from a distance of over 3 feet. Create a 4K display by adding a few more cabinets: 8 modules high by 8 modules wide. The display would feature a whopping 4,147,200 pixels and would be 16 feet wide by 9 feet high. The Opt-Panel makes ultra-high resolution, large-format, direct view LED a must see.

Bigger. Brighter. Bezel Free.

Optec indoor LED displays are modular in design. Add a single sign or build a video wall to engage and inform.

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