Display both prices AND advertising messages from a single LED sign with Optec’s virtual gas price display.

There’s no need to choose between a digital sign for your on-premise advertising or a price change display. Now you can have both using a single LED sign.  

Optec’s Virtual Gas Price LED signs can be “partitioned” into as many as 12 separate zones. Each zone can be programmed to display messages on a separate schedule. This eliminates the need for a “static” ID cabinet. Display prices are the same time as an advertising message. Or rotate between displaying messages and pricing information.

The Virtual Price Changer attracts more attention from a passing audience because your message display is constantly changing. 

  • Customizable virtual price changer zone, with multiple product lines, and price updater app.
  • Create a variety of content layouts with up to 8 user-defined media zones.
  • Create, import, layer, edit, manage and preview with intuitive content creation tools.
  • Display customized time, temperature, date, numerals/characters, price, and variable data.
  • Schedule messages down to the minute for one or multiple displays.
10MM 180x240 Matrix Full Color Virtual Gas Price LED Display

Virtual Price Display

6MM 288x144 Matrix Full Color Virtual Gas Price LED Displays

Advertising Messages 

6MM 288x144 Matrix Full Color Virtual Gas Price LED Displays