Marquee Sign


Sell tickets and fill seats with bright, colorful images that transform your classic marquee.

Now showing... take your seat!

Marquee signage are brighter and more energy-efficient than traditional lighting. Plus digital marquee sign advertising can lower the cost of promoting events while expanding the marketing reach of the theater venue. As a business made to entertain customers, outdoor LED marquee signage offers excitement and creates a fun atmosphere, which will leave a lasting impression making you their go-to date night venue! Outdoor digital marquee signs offer an easy solution for getting the word out to film enthusiasts.
  • 58% of poll respondents (18 years or older) learned about an event they were interested in by seeing it on a movie marquee sign.
  • Digital media in public venues reaches more customers than videos on the Internet or Facebook. By incorporating marquee signage, you’ll let movie-goers know about highly anticipated films coming to your theater.
  • According to the Small Business Association, LED advertising signs pull in 1000 impressions for merely $0.15, making it the most cost-effective form of advertising.
Customize messages with spectacular visual images that "tease" upcoming events to build anticipation for the release date and boost future ticket sales with cinema marquee signs.

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