CTW maximizes LED display technology.
Zoned displays increase visibility and value
for multi-tenant properties.

 Traditional static tenant panels are vital to multi-tenant retail centers. As sign technology advanced, developers realized the advantage of utilizing electronic message centers. Now, LED displays with zoning capabilities can complement simple business identification with promotions, location information and sales. Forward-thinking property developers realize the positive effects an LED display can have on stores’ visibility and traffic. 

CTW Development Corporation

Canfield, Ohio-based CTW Development Corporation (CTW) started over 35 years ago by Chuck Whitman, owner and president. The company is one of the leading commercial and residential developers in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley and offers more than 1.5 million square feet of office and retail space and has developed more than 600 residential home sites. 



The company needed to upgrade a multi-tenant sign at Canfield, Ohio’s Westford Commons open-air lifestyle shopping center. The previously installed static sign included a digital display – purchased based on price, not performance, which was not working properly. A new, advertising-focused electronic message center needed to fit in the existing structure. 

To engage customers and raise tenants’ profiles at Westford Centre located in Canfield, CTW required a multi-tenant sign that included a digital display for zoned advertising. This property is comprised of more than 150,000 square feet of class ‘A’ office space and includes such tenants as Merrill Lynch, Belmont Eye Clinic and University Hospitals. 

10MM 384X312 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
10MM 384X312 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
10MM 384X312 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

The recently constructed 19,700 square foot Tiffany Crossings outdoor retail plaza in Youngstown, Ohio, includes 12 retail spaces and a stand-alone 2,400 square foot Dunkin’ Donuts with a drive-thru to accommodate 14 vehicles. This property necessitated a multi-tenant sign that included a digital display for zoned advertising to engage customers, increase property traffic and raise tenants’ profiles.


CTW worked with Brandon Meyer, owner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Smart Signs, Inc., who selected Ontario, California-based Optec Displays, Inc., to

develop and deliver an effective LED solution. As a digital display solutions provider, Optec Displays designs, engineers, and manufactures LED displays.

“After partnering together for several years, we knew we could trust Optec Displays to deliver a solution that would not only perform well, but could meet our client’s expectations of brightness, clarity and control,” said Meyer.

For all locations, Optec proposed Infinity-RGB 10mm LED displays to provide the best possible resolution for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. At Westford Commons, the 6’x12’ electronic message center is a perfect complement to the static panels. The display allows tenants and community organizations to advertise using a variety of graphics, logos, data integration, multiple font styles and sizes – all controlled offsite by CTW.

The Westford Centre 12’x12’ display benefits tenants by allowing them to promote their businesses and provide direct communication to the public.

At Tiffany Crossings, the 13’x10’ digital display provides tenants with better visibility along U.S. Route 224 and the ability to advertise directly on the display. 

The signs utilize Optec’s M.E. Pro Plus software. This proprietary software enables videos, messages and advertising to appear simultaneously on different sections – or zones – of the screen. This software is designed to allow

the user to create display contents, as well as configure, schedule and manage multiple displays all from one application. Users can see a preview of their zoned content as well as schedule a full-screen zone for ads and targeted messages. 

“The Infinity displays and training the team received made it easy to jump in and start programming content from day one,” said Whitman. 


CTW is impressed with the zoning capabilities of Optec Display’s software, a highly important feature for programming pre-set brightness levels, hold times and transition settings in accordance with local ordinances. The programmable software with unlimited messages can be stored for display on specific days and times, and allows tenant messaging to be displayed with sophisticated detail and color.

“These displays are the perfect solution for our multi-tenant properties,” commented Whitman. “For example, every 15 minutes these displays have a full-screen billboard tenant-focused ad,” Whitman added.

Tenants have realized the benefits of the displays, too, with increased foot traffic and sales. 

CTW has another multi-tenant retail center opening soon in Ohio and plans to install additional digital displays.