Common Digital Signage Content Mistakes Corporations Make

Common Digital Signage Content Mistakes Corporations Make

When you invest in an advanced digital signage solution, you need to make sure your content is worthy of your display. Vivid colors and sharp, clear images won’t do you any good if you don’t have an informative and engaging content design. No two signage solutions are the same, so you need to create content that suits your business, signage location, and viewer traffic patterns. Make the most of your indoor or outdoor LED signs by avoiding these common digital signage content mistakes corporations make.

Lengthy or Dense Content

Most of the time, viewers will only have a few seconds to see and digest the content you display. Long text, complicated images, and crowded graphics make it difficult for passersby to quickly understand the purpose of your sign. This means a lot of your content goes ignored or unnoticed, which prevents your sign from being as effective and profitable as it should be.

When designing content, consider the average time viewers will spend looking at your sign. If you’re in a high-traffic area where people will likely walk or drive by quickly, stick to short, impactful messages that viewers can digest in a matter of seconds.

Outdated Content

If customers see the same content on your display every time they visit your location, your signage will eventually become useless to them. Moreover, outdated information or promotions can lead to misunderstandings and frustrated customers.

Keep your display fresh by updating content regularly. Include relevant, timely information like ongoing sales, seasonal hours, or upcoming events. Details like this keep your signage engaging and interesting for new and repeat customers alike.

Installing and Forgetting

One of the biggest mistakes companies can make with their digital signage content is ignoring or forgetting about their display. Choosing and installing the right signage solution is an important step, but it’s not the only thing you need to worry about.

Don’t leave your sign to sit on your property and become obsolete—or worse, dysfunctional. Stay on top of your signage solution by using an organized content management system, keeping up with ongoing service and maintenance, and displaying fresh, regularly updated content. This will help keep your display as effective as possible.

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