Generate Revenue With LED Signs on Multi-Tenant Properties

Generate Revenue With LED Signs on Multi-Tenant Properties

Multi-tenant properties such as shopping centers create unique opportunities for businesses. With so many commercial establishments in one area, you can attract a diverse range of customers to create greater traffic and revenue.

Multi-tenant properties that use outdoor digital displays to their advantage can further capitalize on that opportunity with custom, relevant content and smart business deals between tenants and property owners. Read on to learn more about how businesses can generate revenue with LED signs on multi-tenant properties.

Customize To Attract Every Audience

One of the challenges of digital signage for multi-tenant properties is giving every individual business some time in the spotlight. However, this challenge can become a lucrative opportunity when handled correctly.

By allowing every business to display custom messages that target their specific audiences, you can draw in a wider range of customers to your complex. Even if a shopper comes in for one specific store, they’re more likely to visit multiple businesses once they’re on your property. Creating rotating content for your LED sign means each advertisement gets less display time, but everyone still benefits from the wider range of advertisements attracting a larger customer base.

Incorporate Signage Into Commercial Lease Agreements

Multi-tenant property owners can also make money by using signage access to attract commercial tenants. Businesses will find the promise of pre-existing, on-premises signage appealing. This means property owners can rent signage space as well as commercial space to draw in and retain tenants. The money you make from these agreements is a surefire way to generate revenue with LED signs on multi-tenant properties.

Make the Most of Special Regulations and Permits

Businesses that want to install outdoor signage must contend with local regulations regarding size, location, and other details of the sign. Partnering with an expert outdoor LED sign manufacturer ensures a safe, successful, and fully compliant installation process, but these limitations can still be frustrating for businesses.

Luckily, some multi-tenant properties can get around these rules. Some municipalities allow for increased dimensions on multi-tenant signage because of the unique location. This allows you to make the most of your display without sacrificing visibility of the businesses on your property. As a result, you can increase exposure, draw in more customers, and generate greater sales for everyone in the complex.

Every property is different, which is why it’s important to work closely with a reputable outdoor LED sign manufacturer to find the right digital display for your location. Contact the team at Optec Displays today to optimize your signage solution and get the most out of your multi-tenant LED display.