How Digital Signs Help Small Businesses Grow

How Digital Signs Help Small Businesses Grow

Small businesses don’t have the immense advertising budgets of many of their competitors, but they can still reach new customers, increase sales, and build brand awareness with clever and creative marketing strategies.

One such strategy is digital signage. Vivid LED displays can help you reach a wider audience and achieve higher engagement rates while saving time and money on content management and operational costs. As a result, digital displays are a powerful investment that helps you boost profits and save money in the long run. Check out all the ways digital signs can help small businesses grow with this overview.

Reach a Wider Audience

Humans are visual creatures; we notice and remember images more successfully than other media. Data presented by Mvix indicates that visual advertisements—such as high-resolution images on digital displays—generate 94 percent more views than text-based advertisements. Furthermore, a study by Nielsen states that viewers have a recall rate of 83 percent after seeing digital signage advertisements. In addition to capturing more attention than static alternatives, digital displays make your content more memorable. This makes digital signage an effective way to reach and make an impact on a wider audience.

You can take this even further by installing your digital signage in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic. A TTV Marketing report indicates that digital displays in public venues reach more people in the US every year than online videos do—that’s a lot of impressions for your business.

In addition to location, clever content creation helps you reach more people. Moving images and videos garner interest and direct attention toward your display. You can also incorporate relevant or local information into your display, such as conditional updates, weather or time displays, seasonal messages, or other updates based on location, time of day, and current events.

Achieve Higher Engagement Rates

Digital signage does more than just put your name in front of an increased number of people; it’s also more effective at turning views into actual purchases. Other statistics from Mvix show that 68 percent of people in the US made a purchase after noticing digital signage about that product or service. Additionally, digital advertisements help drive impulse purchases, as 19 percent of customers report making an impulse purchase after seeing a relevant digital display.

This makes digital signage particularly effective within businesses. For example, an indoor full-color LED display at aisle endcaps or elsewhere within a story can entice customers to check out certain products or sign up for various deals.

Using digital signage to generate higher engagement helps turn passersby into customers—sometimes even repeat customers. This is just as essential in growing your business as other efforts like increasing visibility or brand awareness.

Simplify Content Management

Small businesses don’t necessarily have a lot of resources to put toward marketing, let alone an in-depth, active strategy with expert designs and fresh, ever-evolving content. But with digital displays that you can change remotely at any time, you don’t need a huge content budget or an expansive marketing team.

One of the best ways digital signs help small businesses grow is through their streamlined content management. Comprehensive content management systems allow businesses to control their signage remotely. You can create and edit designs, upload content, and update displays from a single, organized platform. This makes content management faster and simpler than traditional mediums. Furthermore, content management systems help you track engagement so you can monitor the success of your display and make changes as needed.

Experiment With Content

Because updating your display is easier than ever before, your business has more room to experiment with content. Content tracking and analytics—either through your content management system or through other means—can help with this. By paying attention to how various displays and advertisements perform, you can experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

At the same time, simplified content management allows you to test different content ideas without investing a significant amount of time or money into them. This helps you optimize your marketing strategy without losing a lot of resources to content that doesn’t perform well. Cost-effective experimentation gives small businesses a way to improve their marketing strategies even when they don’t have unlimited time or money to spend on developing new advertisements.

Save on Energy and Operational Costs

Physical signage can become expensive quickly. Print mediums like posters and flyers take a lot of time and materials; they also lead to plenty of waste. But you can cut down on all of that with digital signage, which uses eco-friendly LED lighting and cloud-based content management.

These traits help reduce waste, lower your carbon footprint, improve efficiency, and save on the overall cost of advertising. Combine that with the number of impressions you get from your digital display—roughly 1000 impressions for $0.15, according to the Small Business Association—and digital signage becomes one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available.

Generate Positive Customer Reviews

Good reviews mean a good reputation, and a good reputation means more customers choosing your business. Digital signage helps with customer reviews by improving satisfaction and elevating customers’ experiences at your business. For example, interesting or captivating digital displays can reduce perceived wait times by up to 35 percent.

Digital displays can also give customers clear and concise information about deals, membership programs, service offerings, and more. Helpful information like this can reduce customer frustration and create a better experience for everyone who visits your business.

Integrate With Social Networks

Social media is another easy, direct, and effective way to promote your business. Data gathered by Pickcel shows that social media advertisements can create a 23 percent increase in brand awareness and emotional response.

Additionally, 87 percent of customer conversions, such as following brand pages, visiting a store, or making a purchase, occurred after customers saw a social media post advertising a product on a digital screen. Integrating social media efforts with digital signage—through product posts, hashtags, and handles—makes it easy for passersby to find engaging information and interact with your brand.

Utilize Signage That Grows With You

Digital signage delivers versatility and flexibility to your marketing strategy, which means it can keep up with your business as you grow. Whether you’re updating your content strategy to take a new direction with your marketing or performing a full rebrand as your business evolves, digital displays make changing your content simple. Unlike flyers, posters, and other traditional advertising mediums that become outdated as soon as you need new content, you can update digital content without wasting money, time, or energy.

Implement a signage solution that helps your small business reach new heights. Visit Optec Displays to learn more about our indoor full-color LED display solutions and start optimizing your marketing strategy today.

How Digital Signs Help Small Businesses Grow