How Restaurants Can Get More Out of Their Digital Signage

How Restaurants Can Get More Out of Their Digital Signage

Digital signs do more than simply display advertisements. When used correctly, your indoor and outdoor LED signage enhances the customer experience and brings your business to a new level.

In the restaurant industry, creative management of digital signage and content helps increase customer satisfaction and makes restaurants stand out among their competitors. From a fast and casual burger joint to a high-end fine dining experience, all types of restaurants can find unique and innovative ways to incorporate digital displays.

Promoting your brand, boosting product sales, and increasing customer satisfaction are only the beginning. Discover how restaurants can get more out of their digital signage with this guide.

Clean, Pleasing Menu Boards

Using a digital display instead of a traditional menu board can completely transform your customers’ experience at your front counter. Traditional menu boards can become dirty or fade over time. Meanwhile, digital signs look bright and brilliant for years to come, which means they continue to make a good impression on customers who enter your establishment.

The brilliant display of a digital menu creates clearer text and images for customers, making your menu easier to read. Maintenance is also easier with a digital sign, as employees don’t have to manually change menu items to display a price change, stock update, or other alterations. Digital menu boards make it easy to display the most up-to-date information for your patrons.

A More Dynamic Waiting Area

Long wait times are an easy way to lose business. No matter how delicious your food is, customers don’t want to stand around for long periods while they wait to get a seat. Think of waiting room signage as the modern equivalent of a stack of magazines in the doctor’s office. When customers have something that grabs their attention, they don’t feel like they’re waiting as long.

Upgrading your waiting area with an indoor full-color LED display can make the period between entering the restaurant and sitting at a table more enjoyable for customers. Dynamic digital content creates a way to engage with customers even as they wait for a table. You can show off popular menu items or daily specials to keep patrons excited about eating at your restaurant. Alternatively, provide entertainment with witty ads or friendly informational displays about your business.

Promote Social Media Engagement

Design and appearance are important, but they aren’t the only details you need to consider. One crucial question to ask before hiring a local sign company is how they handle permitting and installation. A quality local sign company has experience navigating local regulations regarding sign placement, height restrictions, permits, and more. The right partner will work with you to design and install an outdoor LED sign solution that meets your needs while complying with local and industrial regulations.

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Upsell Menu Items with Images and Videos

A professional photo of your specialty entrée will always look more appetizing than the name of the dish in black and white letters. Digital signage allows you to promote best-selling items, daily specials, seasonal dishes, and more through delicious imagery and videos.

Creating visuals with your indoor full-color LED display is a powerful way to grab attention and entice customers. Visuals are also effective in generating higher average sales. For example, showing off a dessert item with an appealing photo tempts customers to order dessert for themselves.

Photos and videos also allow you to show off rarer menu items that customers might not be familiar with. A description can only go so far in helping customers imagine what a certain special or side might be like. Visuals—especially professional-grade photos and videos—help your customers understand certain menu items while also making them hungry and excited to order.

Easily Promote Events

Community events are a fantastic way to bring positive attention to your restaurant and have a fun time with your customers. If your business holds trivia nights, live music, collaborative fundraisers with local organizations, or other events, you need creative ways to advertise those events.

Digital signs offer a fast and easy way to add event advertisements to your display. You can even use your content management system to create and schedule advertisements in advance or save event ads to use again in future years.

Show Off Your Personality

Digital LED displays offer the perfect medium to show off some of your business’s personality. Scroll through photos from the company’s history or group pictures of your current team of employees. Craft short videos of your kitchen staff preparing amazing meals. Use your digital content to give customers some friendly insight into who you are as a business.

Facts about your company, suppliers, or dishes can serve as fantastic forms of content. You can also share jokes and puns to provide entertainment to customers waiting for food. When it comes to displaying quality content in and around your restaurant, the only limit is your imagination. No matter what your content team creates, every display serves to set your business apart and make your restaurant experience more dynamic and memorable for customers.

Increase Visibility with Targeted Ads

There’s no overstating the value of using your LED signage to create stunning digital advertisements. Outdoor signage or displays within larger indoor venues—such as malls or sports centers—let you share ads with a wide audience. With thoughtful, relevant content, you can grab the attention of passersby and increase your restaurant’s visibility.

Create targeted ads by using time, location, and other demographic factors to your advantage. Promote that day’s dinner specials to the evening traffic passing by your business. Encourage sports fans to come by when you celebrate the local team’s win with free fries or half-off drinks. Advertise tempting seasonal favorites, such as ice cream in the summer or soup specials in the fall. With your digital display, you can keep content fresh and relevant. This practice, in turn, gives you more effective advertisements that bring more traffic to your restaurant.

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How Restaurants Can Get More Out of Their Digital Signage