How To Increase Your Client Base Using Digital Signage

How To Increase Your Client Base Using Digital Signage

When you want to expand your business, one important aspect to focus on is your customer base. Whether you’re reaching new clients or turning one-time visitors into loyal patrons, increasing your customer base boosts revenue and improves brand recognition.

How do you create more memorable connections with a wider audience? Digital signage can help. With creative designs, relevant content, and clever marketing strategies, you can use your display to increase traffic, improve customer retention, and so much more. Discover expert strategies and solutions for your business with this guide on how to increase your client base using digital signage.

Promote New Offerings and Services

How much do your customers really know about your products and services? Customers who visit your location with a single purchase in mind are less likely to explore your other offerings. However, presenting those offerings on an attractive digital display catches customers’ attention and creates an engaging way to share information about other products and services available.

This is particularly useful if you’ve recently added new products or services to your business. Using your digital signage to display information about your most recent offerings helps promote those new opportunities. You can use signage content to cross-sell or upsell and entice customers who come in for only one thing to linger and learn about everything else you offer. Promoting new offerings and services in this way is great for creating repeat customers from your existing client base.

Educate Customers on Opt-Ins and Promotions

There are many different business programs you could offer to customers. From VIP memberships to monthly newsletters, these programs can be an incredibly effective way to connect with your client base. That said, customers won’t be interested in signing up if they don’t know what they’re getting into.

Digital displays are a great way to provide details regarding opt-ins, customer memberships, and other promotional programs. You can create and display content that offers information on what the program is about, what customers can gain from signing up, terms and conditions, and more.

Digital displays make this information clear and accessible, which in turn makes it easier to encourage customers to sign up. Even better, the responsibility of selling your membership doesn’t fall solely on employees. This helps prevent long lines at registers or information desks where customers would otherwise have to wait for employees to give extensive pitches about your promotions.

Promote Referral Programs

Referral programs are particularly effective promotions you should endeavor to educate customers about, which means they present a worthwhile opportunity to increase your client base with your digital signage. By offering discounts and rewards in exchange for referring a friend, you encourage customers to promote your business for you. This increases your customer base while also creating excitement among clients.

Digital displays make it easy to lay out all the information regarding your referral program in a clear and dynamic way. With easy access to details—and directions telling viewers how they can learn more—customers are more likely to follow through with referrals.

Make It Easy To Find Your Website

Even if a customer is aware that you have a website, that doesn’t mean they know how to find it. Displaying your website URL or using QR codes to direct passersby to a specific webpage makes it easy for customers to connect with your business in that way.

Displaying your website on your indoor digital signage also allows customers to use any of your online services in-store. For example, an out-of-town customer might want to know if your business has any locations closer to them. They can use your digital display to find your website and learn more about your other locations. Other customers might want to browse a wider inventory, look up your return policy, or simply learn more about your products, services, and overall business.

Giving visitors easy access to your website makes it simple for them to find any and all information they need. This, in turn, enhances the customer experience and makes it more likely for people to visit your business again, either in store or online.

Promote Other Locations

Driving traffic to all of your locations is an important part of building a bigger customer base. Just because someone enters a specific location once doesn’t mean they’re able to come back again and again. One-time customers may be visiting the area on vacation or simply might not make it out to your side of town very often. If this is the case, they won’t stop at that location again until they’re back in your area. If they learn about a location closer to home, though, they’re more likely to become repeat customers.

Show off your other locations through maps, lists, or other guides on your digital signage. This makes it easier for customers to do business with you again, no matter where they’re coming from or where they’re going.

Cross-Promote With Social Media

Social media pages are dynamic, relatable, and engaging platforms that can target customers on a more personal and meaningful level. Drawing traffic to your social media profiles is a great way to build a following and generate more positive attention for your business.

Digital signs make it easy to attract followers to your profiles. Display handles and hashtags to give viewers a short, simple way to find your business online. You can also encourage visitors to check in at your location, follow your page to find new offers, or interact with specific posts to enter giveaways or other special events.

Once people are following you on Facebook, Instagram, or other sites, it’s easier to keep them in the loop about new products and services, upcoming promotions, and other exciting news. This is a great way to keep one-time visitors involved with your business so they can become a loyal client base.

Share a Compelling Company Story

Just because someone steps foot in your business doesn’t necessarily mean they know who you are or what makes you different from competitors. Digital signage can change that. Share information such as your business’s history, the practices you use to achieve a high standard of quality, and company values. It can be difficult to share this information naturally during a customer’s visit, but digital displays create an easy opportunity for visitors to learn more about you. This helps your company stick out more in customers’ minds, encouraging them to think of you the next time they need certain products or services.

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How To Increase Your Client Base Using Digital Signage