How To Select the Right Outdoor LED Sign for Any Application

6MM 252 X 384 Matrix Full Color LED Sign

An outdoor LED sign is one of the first impressions your business makes on passersby and potential customers. A high-quality sign with a clear and attractive display will turn heads and attract attention. A lower quality sign, on the other hand, will make you blend in with other nearby businesses and fail to get you the attention your business deserves.

Making an informed decision about the type of outdoor LED sign you install is a key part of improving your business’s curb appeal and drawing in new customers. Investing in a brilliant display, effective graphics, and expert design will result in a sign that helps you stand out from competitors and other businesses in your area. Learn how to select the right outdoor LED sign for any application with these expert tips.

Look at Environmental Factors

Outdoor signage must be able to withstand the elements. If routine environmental factors like wind, rain, and temperature changes affect your sign’s performance, it won’t be as effective. Your outdoor LED signage should be able to handle wind, rain, snow, and hot or cold temperatures. Look at features such as thermal management solutions that prevent LED and electronic elements from overheating. Enclosure designs should also be able to resist water, dust, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Take your specific location into consideration. Does your area experience extremely high temperatures in the summer? Alternatively, do you get a lot of precipitation throughout the year? Make sure the signage solution you choose suits the environment you’re in.

Consider Viewing Distance

Viewing distance refers to how far away most people will be when they read your sign. Someone who is standing far away won’t be able to read a sign with crowded graphics or small text. The larger your viewing distance is, the bigger your design needs to be. The general rule of viewing distance is that you need at least two inches of character height for every hundred feet of distance. For example, a viewing distance of 100 feet requires characters that are at least 2 inches tall, and a viewing distance of 200 feet requires characters that are at least 4 inches tall.

Viewing distance gives you a better idea of how big your design needs to be. This, in turn, informs the size and resolution of your digital signage.

Remember Your Location

Who is going to see your outdoor sign the most? How will they view it? Signs that you see for a couple of seconds as you drive down the highway will be different than those you see for a full minute while you’re stuck in traffic.

Paying attention to your location is an important part of how to select the right outdoor LED sign for any application. If you’re on a busy highway, you need a large, clear display with an easily digestible message that people can absorb as they drive quickly by. If you’re on a business strip with lower speed limits, you need a high-resolution sign that grabs attention and makes you stand out. Your property location influences the size, height, resolution, design, and other aspects of your digital signage.

Consider Local Laws and Zoning Regulations

Every area has different zoning laws or other ordinances that regulate outdoor signage. State or local governments might regulate height limits, display brightness, and other factors of your digital signage. If you’re going to install outdoor signage that is effective and compliant, you need to factor in local laws and regulations. Standard heights or resolutions might not work for the unique needs and specifications of your signage. That’s why it’s important to work with a supplier who can create a specialized solution that meets all the needs of your business or organization.

Visual Quality Is Essential

Unlike indoor signs, outdoor signs must be able to handle unpredictable light and visibility fluctuations throughout the day. Visual quality helps your sign stay bright and vivid with accurate colors even against cloudy days or bright sunshine. Superior resolution, optimized pixel pitch, and other details help you avoid washed-out images or text. Invest in the best visual quality available to ensure your images are always clear and visually pleasing to passersby.

Look for Content Control and Flexibility

Excellent signage is nothing without excellent content. As you search for the perfect outdoor LED signage solution, make sure you pay attention to how content management will work with your sign. Think about your design needs. Do you need videos or moving images? Are you going to use multiple designs? Do you need a CMS that allows you to easily control multiple signs and locations?

Keep your requirements in mind as you look for the right signage solution. If you can’t manage your content the way you need to, you won’t be able to make the most of your LED display. Take full advantage of your signage by finding a solution that meets the needs of your physical sign and the designs you display on it.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

It’s easy to focus on the immediate needs of your signage solution: purchasing your sign, installing it, running your first messages, and so on. However, don’t forget to consider the long-term needs of your outdoor signage. Routine maintenance and service keep your sign up and running for a long time.

Before you make a final decision about your sign, make sure you know what kind of maintenance it requires and how you will service it. What kind of preventative maintenance will help your sign last longer? Who do you call if something goes wrong? The more you know about the general upkeep of your sign, the easier it will be to take care of your signage as time goes on.

Choose an Experienced Supplier

As with any purchase, it’s important to find an LED display supplier you can trust. When you need experience, quality, and expertise, turn to the team at Optec. We’ll help you find a brilliant LED signage solution that does justice to your design and business. Visit Optec Displays today to learn more about how our outdoor LED digital signage can enhance your business or organization. Find the perfect solution for your unique needs when you work with Optec today.