Indoor Digital Signage Placement: The Best Places To Put Your Sign

Indoor Digital Signage Placement: The Best Places To Put Your Sign

Making the most of your digital signage requires more than just clever content. Location and placement are also key factors in making the biggest possible impact on your audience. Focusing on traffic patterns and viewer behavior allows you to choose a strategic placement that brings the most attention and engagement to your display. Figure out the best places to put your sign with these tips for indoor digital signage placement.

Easy To Reach, Easy To See

Your indoor LED display signs must be in a position that passersby will actually see. If it is too high up, hidden behind a pillar, or tucked into a corner, many visitors will ignore it or miss it entirely. Place your sign at eye level or higher to put it in your audience’s line of sight.

It’s also important to think about the room’s lighting. Glares from windows or overhead light sources can affect your LED sign and make the content hard to see.

Additionally, make sure any signs with interactive elements—such as scannable QR codes—are within easy reach. Digital kiosks and free-standing displays are two effective ways of keeping signage close and accessible for passersby.

Maximize Your Reach With High Traffic Areas

The more people who see your sign, the more effective your content will be. Prioritize traffic when considering the best places to put your indoor digital signage. Consider waiting rooms, lobbies, lounges, break rooms, and help desks. These places see a high volume of traffic every day, meaning signs in these areas will have the greatest average audience.

Find Opportunities for Area-Specific Content

Specific, targeted content is more relevant and engaging to viewers. Look for ways to make your content match its specific location. For example, end-cap digital signs in a store can display products and deals relevant to that aisle. This tactic is great for advertising seasonal products and other special promotions.

Digital signage also offers an effective way to display information at customer service counters. You might use your digital sign as a menu behind registers or as a directory behind information desks.

More specific display locations call for targeted content that provides the most value to your viewers. When finalizing a location for your indoor LED display signs, always ask yourself what viewers in that area might want or need to know. This will help you create effective content that boosts engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.