Increase visibility, impressions, and drive noticeable results

Optec LED displays are ideal for advertising companies looking to generate greater ad impact and revenue.

Outdoor digital signs give dealerships the power to increase sales while reducing advertising budgets with attention-grabbing LED signs.

16MM 222X900 Matrix Full Color LED Displays
16MM Full Color LED signs
16MM 180X570 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

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71% of people consciously notice digital signs when driving.

Vibrant, Reliable & Engaging

Optec’s vibrant, high-performance LED boards are ideal for Billboard advertising companies looking for consistent ad revenue and exposure. Featuring optimized graphic and video processing capabilities, dynamic software solutions, content creation services, and U.S. based Care team work Optec consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences. Offering spectacular color, brightness, and clarity. 

10MM 300X570 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

Billboards make up 66% of the OOH advertising market.

Proof of Performance

For outdoor advertising professionals, reliability and proof of performance are essential. The advertising customer needs to know how often their ad appeared, that the ad displayed  adhered to certain standards, and how many people saw the ad. The advertising agency needs to manage their digital media, campaign schedules and advertising inventory. Optec has the experience and tools advertising professionals need to provide accurate, up-to-date proof of performance data with flexible reporting options. 

10MM 144X352 Matrix Full Color LED signs

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, three out of four (75%) respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month.

Outstanding Features

Power Management: SmartLink Power Management – included.

Remote access with 5 years cell data access — included.

Webcam: Wide angle (viewed through browser). 

Communication: Ethernet communications (by default)
Cell Modem – optional.

Redundant System: Display data redundant – included.

10MM 144X288 Matrix Full Color Digital Signs

Over 50% of people say they’ve been highly engaged by a billboard they’re seen in the last month.

Worldwide Headquarters
1700 S. De Soto Place, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Phone: +1.800.876.1668 Fax: +1.626.369.7858

Research indicates 45% of customers that stop at a service station act on impulse when purchasing products.