LED vs. LCD Displays: Which Is Better for Indoor Signage?

LED vs. LCD Displays: Which Is Better for Indoor Signage?

Indoor digital signage offers an invaluable marketing opportunity. With expert content and a brilliant, colorful display, you can draw the gaze of passersby and drive more attention, traffic, and sales to your business.

To make your indoor display effective, you need to choose the right type of display. LED and LCD displays are both useful solutions, but which is better for indoor signage? Learn more about each option and how they can benefit you with this rundown.

What Are LCD and LED?

LCD and LED displays might look similar at a glance, but their make and performance are vastly different. Liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens create an image through layers. A base lighting layer sits beneath the LCD sheet, which sits beneath a protective layer of glass. The light shines through the LCD layer to create the image.

LED screens, on the other hand, take a more direct approach. The light-emitting diodes generate the image itself, so LED displays don’t need a backlighting layer.

Benefits of LCD Displays

When you implement indoor signage, you want to create a crisp and brilliant image that viewers can understand and appreciate up close. LCD screens tend to have more pixels and higher resolutions, which means they create a crystal-clear image that doesn’t look pixelated, even when you’re close to it. LCD displays also tend to be quick and straightforward to install, so you can implement your indoor signage and benefit from it in less time.

Benefits of LED Displays

LED displays deliver a brightness that LCD screens can’t match. Additionally, LED screens offer much more flexibility than most LCD options. With a wide variety of size and pixel pitch options, businesses can find an LED display that perfectly suits their designs.

LED screens are also bezel-free, creating a seamless look compared to LCD options. LED signs tend to be more durable and perform better over time, requiring less maintenance and offering more opportunities than LCD screens.

When deciding which is better for indoor signage between LED and LCD displays, it’s important to remember your unique display needs. You can customize indoor LED displays to suit the size, format, and resolution your content requires. Work with Optec Displays today to find the perfect signage solution for your indoor location, and see how an LED display can bring your business to new heights.