Engage Guests and Improve Experiences.

Drive sales, boost revenue, and maximize ROI.

Welcome guests, drive traffic, and build brand awareness with spectacular LED displays.

12MM 160X400 Matrix Full Color Digital Signs
16MM 120x150 & 135X150 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
12MM 95X128 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

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Digital displays can create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes.

A Warm Welcome

In the hotel business an empty room is lost revenue. Digital sign advertising will capture the attention of consumers in a busy and highly competitive market by promoting special rates to increase bookings. LED signs can aid the greeting of guests, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere with enhanced brand recognition. Vibrant outdoor signage will raise awareness of your location and promote future reservations. Your hotel sign will be a useful and informative tool for guests and future patrons passing by your business.

16MM 90X195 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, promoting memorabilia of the message displayed. 

Interior digital signs help your hotel create an aesthetic environment you want to present to your guests. From a single sign to a video wall, interior LED signs let you portray luxury, comfort, and convenience with brand elements and striking visual graphics. Digital signs have the capability to keep your guests informed with news and weather alerts, incorporate visuals to invite visitors to your dining venues, or promote long-lasting membership through loyalty and reward programs.

Hotel Lobby LED Video Wall

Digital signage improves queue management and reduces perceived wait times by more than 35%.

Reliable. Exceptional Performance

For over 35 years, Optec has advanced LED sign technology — building a reputation for quality LED signs with spectacular color, brightness, and clarity. Optec’s optimized graphic and video processing capabilities deliver engaging content experiences via desktop or cloud. Optec’s dynamic software solutions, content creation services, and U.S. based Care team work to provide exceptional customer experiences. Our LED displays create new opportunities for hospitality venues.

Digital sign advertising can generate a 32.8% growth in repeat customers.

Worldwide Headquarters
1700 S. De Soto Place, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Phone: +1.800.876.1668 Fax: +1.626.369.7858

80% of brands that use digital signage report an increase in sales of up to 33%.