LED Signs Persuade Buyers.

Digital signs display messages that deliver a memorable and lasting impression, which attracts new customers and boosts the return rate of loyal customers. 

10MM 120X240 Matrix Full Color LED Displays
6MM 144X288 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

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Digital signs can bring about a 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.

A Warm Welcome

In an extremely competitive market, it’s crucial to distinguish your brand and offerings. Digital signs help restaurants stand out from the competition! Consumers will be captivated by high-quality images displayed in vibrant, dynamic color when driving past a restaurant. Easily change your messages by time-of-day to promote distinct breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu specials. Cutting-edge digital advertising will allure customers, and in return increase revenue. 

10MM 120X360 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

Interior digital displays add visual impact to your POP (point of purchase) marketing. Entice your customers to try new menu items, take advantage of special promotions, or inform them of special dietary substitutions. Create a memorable, on-brand experience and entertain your guests while reducing perceived wait times. High-definition video display technologies create an exhilarating atmosphere throughout your dining facility. Your digital sign helps ensure your customer is knowledgeable about special promotions, improving your sales and customer satisfaction. 

Restaurant Menu LED Display

Digital signage reduces perceived wait time by as much as 35%.

Exceptional Performance

For over 35 years, Optec has advanced LED sign technology  — building a reputation for quality LED signs with spectacular color, brightness, and clarity. Optec’s optimized graphic and video processing capabilities deliver engaging content experiences via desktop or cloud. Optec’s dynamic software solutions, content creation services, and U.S. based Care Team work to provide exceptional customer experiences. Our LED displays heighten visibility and lasting value through innovative products, services, and support.

10MM 144X240 Matrix Full Color Digital Displays

American travelers spend 20+ hours on the road driving the same route every day.

Worldwide Headquarters
1700 S. De Soto Place, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Phone: +1.800.876.1668 Fax: +1.626.369.7858

Digital signs raise brand awareness and complement business marketing strategies. Over 40% of buyers say digital signs can influence their purchasing decision.