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Digital signage has a memorability rate of 83%, which is nearly double the retention rate for traditional signage.

6MM 108X192 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
8MM 120X280 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
6MM 540X288 Full Color LED Signs

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Digital media in public venues reaches more customers than videos, the internet, or social media.

Attract Attention

From historic art house theaters to live performance venues, theater marquees are landmarks of history and their community. Digital displays can breathe new life into vintage marquees while maintaining the charm of the original design. Outdoor digital displays make a big impact onan audience on foot, in cars, or sitting still. Retain the look of older marquees with technology that is more energy efficient with flexible communication to the public and community. 

Digital displays have a 47.7% effectiveness rate for brand awareness. 

With full video and sound capabilities, indoor LED signs can boost ticket sales and encourage patrons to buy more food and merchandise. Optec indoor LED displays are modular in design, which offers a seamless and scalable design. Build a video wall perfectly suited to display movie trailers, keep your food pricing up-to-date, and display special promotions with digital menu systems.  Also, reduce perceived wait times by engaging and entertaining patrons. 

10MM 144X352 Matrix Full Color LED signs

Digital signage reduces perceived wait time by as much as 35%.

Exceptional Performance

For over 35 years, Optec has advanced LED sign technology — building a reputation for quality LED signs with spectacular color, brightness, and clarity. Optec’s optimized graphic and video processing capabilities deliver engaging content experiences via desktop or cloud. Manage a single sign or multiple signs from any location on the planet. Optec’s dynamic software solutions, content creation services, and U.S. based Care Team work to provide exceptional customer experiences. Optec’s LED displays give theater venues increased visibility and lasting value through our innovative products, services, and support.

10MM 144X288 Matrix Full Color Digital Signs

American travelers spend 20+ hours on the road driving the same route every day.

Worldwide Headquarters
1700 S. De Soto Place, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Phone: +1.800.876.1668 Fax: +1.626.369.7858

80% of brands that use digital signage report an increase in sales of up to 33%.