School district gets high marks for
exterior sign upgrades.

LED displays effectively and quickly
communicate to constituents.
Exterior LED displays for schools can keep students, parents and the community informed about news and events while projecting a modern educational environment. Electronic message centers (EMCs) provide color, light and motion to communicate 24/7, they are energy-efficient, and more effective and flexible than traditional static signage.

Garden Grove Unified School District Garden Grove, CA

Comprised of 50 elementary schools, Garden Grove Unified School district (GGUSD) is committed to preparing its nearly 45,000 students to become successful and responsible citizens who contribute and thrive in a diverse society. To ensure student success, each school provides a rigorous and supportive academic experience that motivates all learners to meet high expectations. 


Not only do schools compete with each other on the playing field they also strive to promote innovative excellence through upgraded technology installations. Each GGUSD school wants to keep up with the other, particularly in delivering the best first impression. In California, the Division of the State Architect (DSA) provides design and construction oversight for K–12 schools, including established requirements for sign installations. The code mandates the general requirements of a sign, including location, design, construction, electrical, material, type of sign and uses, and referenced standards. The GGUSD facilities team knew that navigating this process would be challenging and time consuming.


To address both the DSA approval process and the schools’ needs to communicate effectively and timely with constituents using the latest technology, GGUSD facilities team contacted San Bernardino, CA-based Quiel Signs. As a leading sign installer in business since 1961, Quiel has extensive experience with the DSA and California school signs mandates. The process began with GGUSD selecting a basic style that would work with each school, utilizing Quiel Signs

6MM 432X768 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
6MM 432X768 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
6MM 432X768 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

The process began with GGUSD selecting a basic style that would work with each school, utilizing Quiel Signs DSA pre-approved, sign designs’ templates. Using these templates reduces DSA’s approval time from one year for custom designs to just 40 days. Quiel sourced the LED displays from California-based Optec Displays, Inc., selecting Optec’s full-color RGB Impact Series, choosing 20mm displays. These signs are perfect for the schools because of the smaller size requirements while still offering full-feature video display capabilities. The signs are all hard-wired with Ethernet cable.


After a two-school pilot program for the district to test the LED display signs’ quality and software, GGUSD moved forward and installed a variety of both monument and wall-mounted displays over the course of two years. The outdated placard signs were removed and 50 new signs were installed, which are primarily 2 ½’ x 8’ monument style and a few wall-mounted. The EMCs utilize Optec’s user-friendly ViVid software that supports common video formats, such as .AVI, .MPEG, .MP4, .FLV in a simple, easy-to-program interface that allows for content creation and scheduling.

“For GGUSD’s 50 schools, using Optec’s LED screens provides the quality and flexibility necessary for high-copy visibility and easy changeability,” commented Larry Quiel, owner Quiel Signs. “Over the years, we’ve established a good working relationship with Optec Displays. We really respect them and how they utilize Quiel Signs,” Quiel added. Optec Displays sent a technician to each site during installations and provided software training, ensuring everyone was comfortable and knowledgeable with programming the EMCs. Additionally, the company stocked the signs at their facility until each school was ready for the installation. “We have received a lot of positive comments on the signs; they really turned out great,” commented school administrators. “The LED displays are an excellent way to communicate quickly and effectively with our students, parents, staff and community,” administrators said.