Sign becomes landmark in capital city.
Lincoln Nebraska's Lancaster Event Center
builds super sign.


Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, wanted to update and improve the facility’s visual identification that utilizes modern technology and could convey its new branding. The center’s previous 15-year-old sign used outdated technology with software that was no longer supported and was beginning to have portions fail. 


Amy Dickerson, managing director Lancaster Event Center, requested the team develop a large sign that would electronically advertise multiple events with ease, be legible from a long distance, and weather the harsh Nebraska elements.



The Lancaster Event Center contacted its general contractor, Hampton Commercial Construction, Inc., to find and install a new sign. James Bennar, construction manager for Hampton Commercial Construction, led the charge to develop and install the resulting new sign equipped with an electronic message center (EMC) from Optec Displays, Inc. “The quality of the new electronic message center compared to the previous sign is like night and day,” said Bennar.


CBS Signs, a division of the Omaha Neon Sign Company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was selected to fabricate and install the new sign. Architectural firm Clark Enersen Partners executed the sign design including an 8-foot x 5-foot rooftop cupola for the massive 50-foot high x 25-foot wide custom structure. 


Rapid work ensued with demolition of the façade down to the original support columns, reconstruction of the sign on this base, and EMC installation in time with the re-launch of the facility and to reveal new branding, and begin advertising for the busy summer season. The new sign includes Optec Display’s premier Infinity™ LED display featuring an EMC screen utilizing M.E. Pro Plus II software. This proprietary software enables videos, messages and advertising to appear simultaneously on different sections – or zones – of the screen. Viewers see crystal clear resolution and bright, vibrant colors on the large, rugged IP65-rated EMC.

16MM 192X304 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
16MM 192X304 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
16MM 192X304 Matrix Full Color LED Signs


“The ability to have visuals to communicate our key events and messages versus just four rows of red letters is an amazing difference,” said Dickerson. “It really has become one of the most visible elements of the re-launch of the Lancaster Event Center and where we are going in the future.”


The Lancaster Event Center is impressed with the zoning capabilities of Optec Display’s software, a highly important feature for programming pre-set brightness levels, hold times and transition settings mandated by local ordinances. The programmable software with unlimited messages can be stored for display on specific days and times, and allows the new Lancaster Event Center logo and special event messaging to be displayed with sophisticated detail and color. Lancaster selected Optec Display’s Infinity-RGB 16mm pixel pitch full-color EMC.


Optec Displays provided the center with extensive training and offers on-going support as needed to ensure team members are comfortable and knowledgeable with programming the EMC. 


“The Infinity and training made it easy to jump in and start using from day one,” said Jason Rief, IT and digital media manager Lancaster Event Center.


“Working with Optec Displays is like having a partner, they’re not merely a supplier,” said Wally Steil, CBS Signs project manager. “Not only are Optec’s products innovative but working with this company is a seamless process,” continued Steil.


Lancaster Event Center’s new sign is one of the major landmarks for Lincoln, Nebraska, providing directions and recognition of the facility 24-7-365 for visitors and residents in the capital city.