Daytona Beach’s largest LED digital sign
drives auto sales.

Daytona Auto Mall reaping benefits
with new digital display.

Digital signage is a great medium for being timely and relevant, and translates well for auto dealerships. An LED sign can fully integrate with dealers’ online marketing presence, providing a vital link between live customers and the information they will use to drive a purchase.



After years of using a tri-face sign embedded in a three-story tall pylon structure located along the Interstate I-95 corridor on Florida’s coast, the Daytona Auto Mall owners knew something need to be done, particularly when the flippers on the tri-face sign had completely stopped working. With its failed components, the Auto Mall was basically stuck with just an expensive banner sign. 


Due to the expense and time required to replace the blade messages and the cost to get it repaired, the owners decided it was time for an upgrade. Their thoughts turned to using outdoor digital sign technology—however the city of Daytona Beach had other plans. 

“The City of Daytona originally wanted us to only use two colors,” says Patrick Shelton marketing manager for the Daytona Auto Mall. “And we told them that this defeats the purpose of having a sign of this nature. However, we, along with Optec, talked with the local government to help them understand how we would be using this new display. Fortunately, the City showed a willingness to work with us and adapt to our needs.” 



The owners thought a digital sign would make a fitting replacement for the broken tri-face sign. It would also be able to enhance the lots and provide room for displaying even more messages. The executive board conducted extensive research to determine manufacturers’ engineering, construction, and materials that go into a digital sign—all of which have a significant impact on its quality, durability, and cost of ownership. 

16MM 208X752 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
16MM 208X752 Matrix Full Color LED Signs
16MM 208X752 Matrix Full Color LED Signs

Their choice: 16mm Infinity-RGB displays with a 208×752 matrix by California-based Optec Displays, Inc. The UL 48 Listed and UL Energy Efficiency Certified sign measures 11’-4” x 39’-11” and depending on the conditions, it can be seen from over a half-a-mile away. 


The entire installation took only a day-and-a-half and Optec’s field technicians were on-site to ensure everything was done properly and to provide any installation support. 


The Mall keeps the messages on its new digital sign display updated every thirty seconds, so customers feel like they’re always seeing something new. Even better, customers actually refer to the sign and specific promotions when coming in to buy a car. 


Content management – text and graphics – is currently conducted in-house with Shelton’s marketing team via Optec’s Media Editor Pro software. 


Not only has this installation proved to be beneficial in attracting vehicle sales, but it also lays claim to the title of the largest LED display sign in the entire city. 


“It’s strategically located,” says Shelton. “It benefits patrons and people on-site but also benefits people driving by on the highway. 


“Our original tri-face sign was a good landmark, but with the digital capabilities that we now have and some of the messages we’ve been able to put up around events and holidays, such as the Daytona 500, Veterans Day, Black Friday and Memorial Day, it provides great visibility to the public that we’ve never been able to do before. 


“Additionally, if we have a sale or a new model introduction going on, we can upload new graphics or text and update our message quicker and more efficiently on a minute-by-minute basis,” continued Shelton.