A Quick Guide to Different Types of LED Signs

A Quick Guide to Different Types of LED Signs

An LED sign is a lucrative investment for your business. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 65 percent of viewers visit a business’s website or physical location after seeing an advertisement on a digital billboard. Out-of-home advertisements such as indoor and outdoor LED signs are continuously growing in terms of popularity, engagement, and conversion rates.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn about the different LED signs available. Making an informed decision about your LED sign will help you install and maintain a signage solution that best serves your specific needs while boosting customer engagement, conversions, and profits. Use this quick guide to the different types of LED signs to learn more about the advantages LED signs have to offer and find the best option for your marketing goals.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs are better suited for various weather conditions, such as wind, rain, or temperature changes. This allows them to continue advertising no matter what conditions are like. Additionally, the larger size and scope of outdoor LED signs allow passersby to see your message clearly across greater distances. As a result, outdoor LED signs are best for displaying sleek, straightforward messages in brilliant color and resolution.

Outdoor LED signs such as digital billboards maximize your impact and share your messages on a wide scale. Directional signs are particularly effective at generating viewer engagement. The OAAA notes that of the 52 percent of consumers who notice digital billboards that direct viewers, 57 percent immediately visit the billboard’s business. Of that 57 percent of consumers, 93 percent go on to make a purchase. By advertising clear, direct messages in high-traffic areas, businesses give consumers a compelling and straightforward way to visit and purchase products.

Indoor LED Signs

Indoor LED signs operate on a smaller scale, which means their images need to be vibrant and dynamic even when viewed up close. This smaller scale doesn’t mean indoor LED signs are any less effective, though. Instead, smaller LED signage boosts outreach and customer engagement on the ground level.

Smaller signs that sit at eye level can also present more targeted, context-based messages. An LED display within a shopping mall can offer more specific directions or promote information about ongoing sales. In-store displays can feature more branded designs to match their surroundings.

As with digital billboards, indoor LED signs help drive immediate action from viewers. Because consumers are up close, they can scan QR codes, use hashtags, or take photos of indoor signage. These steps offer a fun and easy way for customers to engage with your advertisements, setting them on the path to visit and eventually purchase from your business.

Other Features To Consider

LED signs and other out-of-home advertisements are helping businesses reach greater heights every year through creative designs displayed on brilliant and advanced LED technology. When learning about the different types of LED signs and building your business’s display, imagination is your only limit. In addition to outdoor and indoor LED digital signage, you must also factor in technical aspects such as resolution, brightness, and pixel pitch. Options like full-color, tri-color, and monochrome designs are also important to consider.

Working with a quality LED supplier like Optec Displays is the key to implementing the most effective solution for your business. Our team of LED signage experts will help you find a brilliant, cost-effective display that will let you convey whatever message you need.