Reasons Why Digital Business Signs Are a Smart Investment

Reasons Why Digital Business Signs Are a Smart Investment

Cost-effective marketing solutions are the key to reaching a larger audience without breaking your budget. When it comes to choosing a strategy that generates a great return on investment, digital signage is the way to go. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising continues to grow in popularity every year. A report by J. G. Navarro states that DOOH advertising spending grew by over 28 percent in the United States in 2022—that’s an estimated spending of 2.64 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, other recent studies indicate that over 25 percent of companies in the United States are investing in multichannel marketing campaigns that include digital signage solutions. What makes digital signage so popular, and how are businesses finding success with it? See for yourself with these top reasons why digital business signs are a smart investment.

Cost-Effective Advertising

A good digital display solution is a cost-effective choice for your marketing campaign. Indoor and outdoor digital signs offer energy efficiency, low maintenance, and easy management. Moreover, digital signs are a versatile and flexible signage option that allows you to do more with your advertising. You can change or update content without having to invest in new hardware, physical printing, and other high upfront costs each time you start a new marketing campaign.

Better Engagement From Dynamic Visuals

Generating engagement is the goal of any marketing medium. The vivid, high-resolution visuals of digital displays allow you to make more appealing content that catches the eye and sticks with viewers. Recent studies have shown that 52 percent of people in the US saw a digital sign within the past week, while 80 percent of shoppers report visiting a business after noticing their digital signage. It’s clear that digital signage has an advantage when it comes to reaching customers.

Digital signage also makes it easy to implement and work with action-driven content. Incorporating QR codes, social media hashtags, or promotions for current events creates relevant, targeted content that promotes better engagement and increases conversion among viewers.

Long-Term Display Solutions

Because changing and updating your digital display is so easy, you can continue to make the most of your signage for years to come. Even as your business evolves and your marketing strategies change, you can easily update content to match. This means no more wasted money or materials on physical mediums that will become outdated in a couple of years. For this reason, digital business signs are a brilliant investment that will serve your business well for as long as you have them.

Is it time to upgrade your business signage? Work with the team at Optec Displays to choose the right outdoor digital sign and implement a cost-effective, long-term solution for your business.