The Dos and Don’ts of Using an Outdoor LED Sign

The Dos and Don’ts of Using an Outdoor LED Sign

There are a lot of factors that go into making a successful digital display. From the type of content you show to the digital signage manufacturer you choose to work with, making the right decisions can turn your sign from a background piece into an eye-catching, impactful message.

When you partner with Optec Displays, you choose the most advanced outdoor full-color LED display solutions on the market. However, there are plenty of other decisions you need to make to perfect your outdoor display. Learning the dos and don’ts of using an outdoor LED sign will help you optimize your signage solution for greater viewership, higher engagement, and more successful marketing overall. Explore these top tips and learn how to make the most of your business’s outdoor digital signage solution.

Do Prioritize Vibrant Colors

Your color choices have a huge impact on your display. Prioritize bold colors that catch the eye and bring more attention to your signage. Optec Displays’ signs create a high contrast by combining blacker screens with top-quality diodes—the result is brighter, sharper colors that make your display pop.

Choose rich colors with high saturation that will stand out from backgrounds like the sky or nearby buildings. Avoid pastels and other lighter colors, as these can blend together when viewed at a distance. However, it’s also important to avoid mixing too many colors. Clashing colors or an overuse of different shades can make the display look too busy and distract from the message of your content.

Don’t Make Your Display Too Bright

You don’t want your displays to blend into the background, but you also don’t want them to overwhelm your viewers. Displays that are too bright lead to eye strain and make your content less visible. Some areas might also have regulations about display brightness, so make sure you pay attention to your settings to stay compliant.

Avoid pure white backgrounds, as these are boring to look at and too bright to view comfortably at night. Additionally, you can use the manual or automatic dimming settings provided with Optec’s signs to adjust brightness to suit any weather or time of day.

Do Keep Messages Succinct

People viewing your outdoor displays typically don’t have a lot of time to stop and read. They might be driving by quickly or hurrying past on the sidewalk to get to their destinations. If you want to display a message that comes across successfully, you need to keep your content brief.

Make sure passersby can read the message quickly and easily. Include easy-to-remember information; for example, a catchy website name is easier to remember than a phone number. Additionally, creating short, intriguing slogans for your display is a great way to encourage viewers to check out your business so they can learn more.

Don’t Overcomplicate Fonts

When you’re viewing a sign up close, stylized fonts add character and personality to the content. From far away, though, those same fonts make your text illegible. Stick with large, simple fonts so viewers can easily read your message.

Use all capital letters for short slogans that consist of a word or two—these will help you grab attention quickly. However, with medium-length and longer messages, upper- and lower-case letters make the message clearer and easier to read with just a glance.

Do Utilize Appealing Imagery

Did you know that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it registers text? When your viewers are on the move, images are much more effective at catching attention and making an impression than purely text-based displays. That’s why it’s important to incorporate appealing graphics to enhance your content.

Prioritize images that will catch viewers’ attention and emphasize your message. For example, you could advertise your breakfast menu with a mouthwatering, up-close shot of your new breakfast sandwich. You can also use images to portray values or priorities. For instance, a children’s health center can incorporate images of kids, toys, or similar themes to showcase their role in children’s healthcare. The right imagery will help elevate your message and create a stronger, more personal connection with viewers.

Don’t Lose Your Message

Images should exist to enhance your text, but if there’s too much to look at, your actual message won’t come across well. Take care not to use too many images that distract the eye from crucial information, such as your business name or website. It’s also important to note that too much text can overwhelm your display and cause necessary information to disappear within the clutter. As a general rule, you should stick to a single graphic and a limit of five to seven words for your content.

Do Choose a Prime Location

If you want more people to see your outdoor sign, you need to put it in the right location. First and foremost, you want to choose an area with plenty of traffic, such as a major intersection or a busy sidewalk. Pay attention to the area’s surroundings. Will you be competing with other business signage? Are there buildings, trees, or other tall structures that you need to avoid in order to maintain clear visibility?

It’s also important to look up rules and regulations pertaining to outdoor displays in your area. Factors like height or brightness limits might affect your signage, and you may also need a permit to set up your display. Work with a dependable supplier like Optec Displays, who can help you navigate the planning and permitting process smoothly so you install your new digital display in a successful and effective location.

Don’t Forget About Viewing Distance

If you’re standing close enough to a display that you can see the individual pixels, the text and images won’t come across clearly. Viewing distance refers to the distance where individual pixels start to look like a clear image to a viewer. Typically speaking, people view outdoor signage from a greater distance. Therefore, you can have a larger viewing distance, which means your pixel pitch—the distance in millimeters between individual pixels—is bigger.

Understanding viewing distance helps you choose a cost-effective signage solution without sacrificing the quality of your display. Optec’s dealers will help you choose an ideal pixel pitch option based on your sign’s viewing distance.

Do Choose Superior Quality With Optec Displays

Optec will help you navigate the dos and don’ts of using an outdoor LED sign so that you can get the most out of your outdoor full-color LED display. With our innovative designs developed by in-house engineers, carefully chosen materials and on-site manufacturing, comprehensive customer education and support, and so much more, we help clients implement lasting solutions that present the best of their businesses. Get the most out of your signage solution when you partner with Optec Displays today.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using an Outdoor LED Sign