Things To Consider Before Installing an LED Video Wall

Things To Consider Before Installing an LED Video Wall

From dynamic business presentations to attention-grabbing advertisements, LED video walls can be an incredibly valuable asset for your business. However, like any investment, the worth of your LED video sign board depends on how you select, implement, and manage your display. Making an informed decision about what kind of video wall you want to install helps you get the most out of your purchase and create the most effective signage strategy possible. Set your display up for success with this list of things to consider before installing an LED video wall.

What Do You Want Content To Look Like?

The type of content you want to display affects the signage requirements you should look for. Paying close attention to specifications like size, resolution, content creation, and scheduling software helps you install a video board that takes your content to the next level.

Before you start exploring your signage options, make sure you have a clear idea of the purpose of your content. Know whether you want to show off products, share company information, or enhance the atmosphere of your space. This will help you choose a video wall that suits your content needs.

Where Can You Place Your Video Wall?

Another crucial thing to consider before installing an LED video wall is where the display will go. Do you have a place to install it that sees a lot of foot traffic every day? Will it be high on the wall, or do you want it at eye level? Will your display be competing for attention with other signage in the vicinity? Will it need adjustable brightness settings to react to changing natural light in the area?

All these details have a major influence over the success of your sign. Make sure you consider all potential locations and the advantages and drawbacks they offer as you choose and design your signage solution.

Who Handles Installation?

In addition to purchasing the right LED video sign board, you also need to install it correctly. Working with a supplier who offers professional installation helps make sure everything is correct and ready to go from day one. This makes it easier to hit the ground running with your content strategy. It also prevents issues from developing down the line that could lead to downtime, content errors, and other frustrating problems.

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