Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for Your Outdoor Sign

Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for Your Outdoor Sign

When designing content for your outdoor LED digital signage, it’s crucial to pay attention to the colors you choose. Clever color usage makes your sign more legible, eye-catching, and memorable to viewers. Make your content the best it can be with these tips for choosing the right colors for your outdoor sign.

Create a Bold Contrast

Contrasting colors make for a more dynamic visual that is easy to read and stands out from other signage, buildings, and objects in the background. Create contrast by choosing colors that are distinct enough to stand out and provide a clear image without clashing or becoming overbearing.

Pay attention to the color wheel and look for complementary or triadic colors. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the wheel; examples include orange and blue or yellow and purple. Triadic colors form a triangle within the wheel, such as the primary trio of red, blue, and yellow or the secondary trio of orange, purple, and green.

Evoke Emotion With Color Theory

Certain colors hold specific emotional connotations. One of the best tips for choosing effective colors for your outdoor sign is to prioritize colors that emphasize the feeling or message you want to give viewers. For example, purple evokes a sense of creativity or mystery, blue often represents calmness or serenity, and green emphasizes nature and healing. Find a color that supports your products, services, values, or the message you want viewers to receive from your signage.

Stay on Brand

Digital signs are a fantastic opportunity to promote brand awareness and get your name in front of more potential customers, which is why it’s important to make your business recognizable within your display. If someone sees your sign, you want them to be able to recognize your business’s name and logo in other places, too. Creating a consistent color scheme across all marketing and promotional materials helps improve brand recognition and makes a more memorable impression on viewers.

Find Superior Color and Lighting at Optec Displays

Creating outdoor LED digital signage with the right colors is about more than just design. You also need a display that presents your content clearly and vividly. Optec’s high-resolution displays use refined pixel technology, high-performance diodes from the world’s leading manufacturers, and efficient power systems to deliver superior visual performance. With the ability to create trillions of brilliant colors, an intuitive brightness control system, and lasting, versatile design, Optec’s ultra-high bright LED signs are the top choice for outdoor digital signage.