Top Locations To Install Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Top Locations To Install Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Storefront design, information displays, and floor layout all affect the customer experience. If you want to improve the way customers view your business, LED digital signage is a useful tool for enhancing these and other elements of your retail store.

To install a successful digital display, you need to pay close attention to your sign’s placement. Make the most of your sign by displaying clever content in one of these top locations to install digital signage in retail stores.

Storefronts and Entrances

Your store entrance is the perfect place to display eye-catching, welcoming content for passersby. These kinds of displays allow you to engage with anyone who walks by your store. With visually appealing images and a friendly message, you can make a great first impression on visitors. Moreover, storefront signs are a great place to show valuable information, such as a QR code for your website, current wait times for your services, where a line starts, and more.

Aisle Endcaps

Endcap displays will grab attention and direct customers from your store’s main thoroughfare to individual aisles. Using digital signs to show specific information about each aisle or promote deals and sales helps you sell more products throughout your entire store. You can also use endcap displays for visual merchandising.

In these cases, LCD signs are often the way to go. The higher resolution and crystal-clear images of LCD displays help make your products look as tempting as possible, thus encouraging customers to turn down that aisle.

Employee Break Rooms

Your LED digital signage benefits more than just customers and sales. Digital displays are also a great way to support your company culture and improve communication and morale across your team. That’s why one of the top locations to install digital signage in retail stores is in the break room.

Break room signs can display important information such as employee reminders or upcoming events. You can also use your signs to give shout-outs, share greetings, birthdays, and other encouraging messages, or show off numbers and statistics from recent company successes.

By combining advanced solutions and clever locations, you can take your digital signage to a new level. Partner with Optec Displays today to find top LED digital signage options and make the most of your store’s displays.