Ways To Get Your LED Signage To Stand Out From the Crowd

Ways To Get Your LED Signage To Stand Out From the Crowd

LED signage is a brilliant way to convey your business’s message. With high-resolution images, dazzling colors and brightness, and durable, innovative technology, you can expand your advertising to reach anyone who comes near your sign. However, a high-quality LED display is only half the battle—the content you share plays a crucial role in making sure your signage is effective. Learn more about the ways to get your LED signage to stand out from the crowd with these tips.

Make More With Less

When it comes to the content on your LED signage, less is always more. Operate on the assumption that you only have a couple of seconds to get your message across to passersby. Short, quick messages that grab attention and relay information are far more effective than displays of dense information that will be immediately forgotten. The more straightforward and to the point your content is, the more memorable it becomes in the minds of everyone who goes by.

Use Content Rotation to Your Advantage

A fixed message isn’t nearly as relevant as content that changes throughout the day. One of the simple yet brilliant ways to get your LED signage to stand out from the crowd is to use LED video sign boards to rotate your content and display relevant text and images at every opportunity.

Greet passersby with a rise and shine message in the morning. Take advantage of rush hour by displaying a message that targets viewers driving by. Use nighttime colors and themes after the sun goes down for maximum impact. Even small adjustments will help keep your content relevant and more memorable every hour of the day.

Remember Graphic Design Basics

Following a few key graphic design rules will help you create clear and effective content for your LED sign. Use contrasting colors to make sure your text stands out. Avoid complicated fonts and prioritize text that is clear and easy to read. If you don’t have the time or expertise to ensure your content is acceptable, work with graphic designers, content strategists, or other experts to create a marketing plan that delivers bold, effective, and unforgettable messages that make your signs stand out.

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