Ways Universities Utilize Indoor Digital Signs

Ways Universities Utilize Indoor Digital Signs

Incorporating cutting-edge technology into an educational environment creates new opportunities for students and professors alike. That’s why many universities are finding creative and effective ways to implement digital signage within their campuses. From improving communication across departments to creating a modernized campus that draws in new students and faculty, there are countless ways universities utilize indoor digital signs successfully. Find ideas for improving your own campus when you explore these digital display solutions for communication, advertising, security, and more.

Create Digital Bulletin Boards

From advertising the next big game to encouraging students during finals, digital bulletin boards present a clean, easy way to keep your students and staff informed of everything going on around campus. You can use your indoor LED signs to advertise campus-wide events in the student union, give first-years a warm welcome to the dorms, and promote department-specific announcements. For example, you can remind visitors to the music building of upcoming band tryouts or promote your upcoming showcases in the entrance of your fine arts building.

The vibrance of a digital sign makes any information you display more eye-catching and memorable than posters, fliers, and other mediums. Studies show that digital signage gets five times more attention from students than these traditional mediums—this is part of why 73 percent of educational institutions consider digital signage an essential communication method in the coming years. Replacing physical bulletin boards with bright, memorable digital signs is an excellent way to spread the word about events, announcements, and other information across your campus.

Decorate High-Traffic Areas

Dorm lobbies, student centers, library entrances, and anywhere else that students, faculty, and visitors see regularly will look so much better with clean, modern signage that offers dynamic and attractive content. Optec’s indoor signage options include a variety of designs to suit different needs for size and resolution. From smaller portable displays like the ultra-thin Opt-Poster LED display to large, bezel-free video walls, Optec’s signage options deliver bright, high-contrast displays that outperform projectors and LCD TVs.

Whether you want to present high-definition images or impressive, high-resolution videos, you can use indoor LED displays to showcase everything that makes your university great and get the student body hyped for big events with promotional videos. You can also showcase recent experiences with photos and recaps, like the score from last weekend’s game or photos of a community service day with statistics about what students accomplished. In addition to displaying incredible content in a modern and attractive manner, LED signs enhance the busiest parts of your campus and create a space that feels fresh, relevant, and engaging to your student body.

Elevate Showcase Days

Showcase days are a great way to welcome potential students and show off the ins and outs of your campus. While your visitors learn about dorm life, classes, and extracurriculars, you can give them an extra taste of what your college is like by tailoring your digital signage to your showcase events.

With easy-to-use remote content management, you can update Optec’s displays quickly and effortlessly to suit specific events like showcase days. Create and schedule content like photos of campus activities, testimonies from current students, faculty, and alumni, or gorgeous videos of your campus, dorms, and student buildings. This is a great way to make your university even more appealing to potential students and their parents.

Recognize Student Accomplishments

From routine acknowledgments like president’s lists to special events such as conferences, championships, and service projects, your students deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Indoor LED signs offer a great way to put your students’ achievements on display for everyone to see.

In addition to recognizing past achievements, this is a great way to inspire and motivate future endeavors. It also helps your students feel appreciated and honored for their hard work.

Provide Regular Security Updates

With real-time updates and remote content management, you can use your digital signage as a way of providing important safety information across campus. Broadcast emergency alerts such as weather updates across your signs, or display crucial information like fire escape routes, emergency numbers, or emergency response plans. Smart and efficient use of digital signs helps make sure your students and faculty stay informed no matter where they are during a campus emergency.

Work With Local Businesses and Sponsors

Do you have local businesses sponsoring your sporting events? Is a member of the community supporting a campus fundraiser? Do you want to honor specific alumni donors? Digital signs make it easy to create and display advertisements, thank you messages, or other sponsorship messages to recognize and honor business partners and donors. Moreover, easy and flexible content management allows you to highlight these messages without removing crucial displays about other information and events on your campus.

Modernize Campus Buildings

Many campuses have been around for hundreds of years. The history behind each university building is a huge part of the charm, but outdated structures and designs are far from charming. Digital indoor signage is an effective and relatively easy way to modernize your campus.

In addition to creating a more visually appealing informational display, digital signage also helps you reduce paper waste by getting rid of posters, fliers, and other physical announcements. You can also reduce the clutter of those physical mediums, creating a sleeker, more modern look for your announcement displays and bulletin boards.

Go All Out With School Spirit

School spirit helps foster a sense of community across your campus. Not everyone is going to put on face paint and spend all night celebrating your home games, but you can make that school spirit more enticing for even the least engaged students by creating dynamic digital content. You can post game schedules to keep everyone in the loop, hype up a big rivalry game, show off highlight videos, or post pictures of students posing with the mascot or sporting school colors. Plus, updating digital content is easier and faster than physically decorating a space ahead of big school events.

Enhance Your Campus With Optec Displays

When you invest in top-quality LED signage from Optec Displays, there is no limit to the ways your university can utilize indoor digital signs. Our versatile indoor LED signs give you the incredible resolution, ultra-bright illumination, and brilliant, vibrant color capabilities you need to enjoy full control over your content displays. Work with Optec today to find the right solutions to modernize and elevate your university campus.

Ways Universities Utilize Indoor Digital Signs