What Is the Expected Lifespan of an Outdoor LED Sign?

What Is the Expected Lifespan of an Outdoor LED Sign?

When purchasing a new outdoor LED display, you need to think beyond the initial cost of investment. Factors such as upkeep costs and your marketing strategy affect how cost-effective the purchase is. One of the most important details to consider is the expected lifespan of your outdoor LED sign.

LED technology powers durable, long-lasting signs that continue to serve your business with brilliant displays for years to come. Learn more about the expected lifespan of an outdoor LED sign—as well as what you can do to preserve your display—with this overview.

Standard Outdoor LED Lifespan

Most outdoor LED digital signage displays last an average of 100,000 hours. This translates to about 10 years of operation. However, this estimate assumes that your LED sign will be operating at full power every hour of the day.

In reality, most outdoor LED signs don’t operate with their diodes constantly at full brightness. For example, if your LED display is on overnight, you’re likely going to run it at a lower brightness level than you would during the day, which means your sign won’t always operate at full power. Using darker colors for text or images, displaying the sign at a lower brightness, and other factors can prolong the life of your display beyond that standard estimate of 100,000 hours.

How and When You Use Your Display Matters

The expected lifespan of your outdoor LED digital signage depends on the content you show and how often you display it. A sign that operates only during normal business hours will last longer than signs that remain lit 24/7. Different color options also affect the life of the diodes. For example, white light requires full power from the red, green, and blue LEDs. Darker colors, on the other hand, don’t use as much power and therefore don’t drain the diodes as quickly.

Ventilation Preserves Your Display

Heat is one of the biggest threats to outdoor LED digital signage. Manufacturers design outdoor LED signs to withstand the elements, but higher temperatures cause the diodes to degrade faster. That’s why proper ventilation systems, built-in temperature sensors, and similar components are so essential. Expert installation and proper maintenance of these temperature-controlling parts will protect your sign from extreme temperatures, ensuring its durability over the years.

At Optec Display, we select only the highest quality diodes to use in our outdoor LED signs. With premium components and superior engineering, we deliver an outdoor LED solution that will serve your specific content needs for years to come. Work with Optec today to get started on your new signage solution.