What To Know About Your Outdoor Digital Sign Resolution

What To Know About Your Outdoor Digital Sign Resolution

Outdoor LED signs are a beautiful and clear way to attract attention and display your message or advertisement to a wider audience. To make your outdoor full-color LED display effective, you need to choose a clear resolution. The proper resolution depends on where your sign is located, how viewers will interact with it, and other factors. Discover all you need to know about your outdoor digital sign resolution with this rundown.

Understanding LED Resolution

First, it’s important to understand the basics of what LED resolution is and how it affects your outdoor full-color LED display. All LED signs consist of tiny pixels bunched together to form an image. The distance between the center of one pixel to the center of the next is known as pixel pitch. Smaller pixel pitch makes it more difficult to see the individual pixels, which means the resolution is higher. Similarly, a larger pixel pitch creates a lower resolution.

Viewing Distance Affects Resolution Requirements

A display with a tighter pixel pitch creates clearer images, lettering, and designs. However, resolution isn’t the only factor that affects the clarity of your designs; you must also pay attention to viewing distance.

Viewing distance refers to how close viewers will be to your sign. A viewing distance of three feet means passersby will be right next to your sign and will therefore be able to see individual pixels more easily. As such, smaller viewing distances require tighter pixel pitches. However, a lower resolution display of 20 millimeters will still look perfectly clear at its optimal viewing distance of 60 feet.

Factor in Travel Speed of Passersby

In addition to viewing distance, you also need to consider your audience’s travel speeds. For example, viewers passing a roadside sign will only have a few seconds to read and absorb the displayed information. On the other hand, viewers walking past a sign on the sidewalk will have more time to read the display.

Travel speed helps you determine the proper size, resolution, and content for your outdoor LED sign. While higher viewing distances allow for lower resolutions, they also require a larger size, ensuring viewers can clearly see the display from farther away and at greater speeds.

Find the Right Resolution for Your Outdoor LED Sign

The most important thing to know about your outdoor digital sign resolution is that the right resolution is different for every display. That’s why Optec sells outdoor full-color LED displays in a wide variety of pixel pitch options. Contact Optec today to work with our expert team and find the right LED solution for your outdoor display.